There was an extensive list of guitar gear used on this EP.  The excellent arrangement of the gear at Halo Studios combined with Adam’s Amazing performances & Wyman’s excellent producing & engineering skills made tracking all this guitar tone possible in just two days. Jonathan Wyman is a world class engineer and thankfully, a total tone connoisseur as well.


1976 pre-lawsuit Ibanez Les Paul Custom Agent

Fender Stratocaster

Parker Fly


A few Les Pauls

Fender Stratosonic

Nashville Acoustic

Danelectro- Nashville tuning


Egnater 4100 Tourmaster

Marshall JCM 800

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Orange AD40

Soma * Holiday 50

Fender Twin Reverb

Vox hand wired AC30 top boost

Speaker Cabinets

All the cabinets use Celestion speakers (with the exception of one of Adam’s custom 2x12s which features Eminence Legend 1258)

Marshall 4x12

Mesa 4x12-

Avatar custom 4x12 greenback-Celestion Grennbacks

Two Custom 2x12 cabs built by Adam Hauk of HawkRider designs. Celestion 65 Creamback, Eminence Legend 1258

Mesa 2x12- Celestion Vintage 30s


EP Booster by Xotic Effects

Boss DD40 GigaDelay

Java Top Boost

Talons by EarthQuaker Devices

Cloven Hoof by EarthQuaker Devices

Ibanez Tube Screamer

Strymon Flint

Brown Rabbit +

Real McCoy Picture Wah


Bass was tracked split to sans amp and an Ampeg SVT into four tens.  Mic - XXX


Drums are Maple Drum Workshop Kit in 10, 12, 15 toms, 20 kick, 14x6 snare.  Cymbals all Zildjian.  Crap load of nice mics nicely arranged in a nice room.


* The Soma is a custom built amp by - Joel Amsden at Kennebec Valley Instrument Repair in Augusta, Maine. This amp was specially featured for the solos on Echolaylia and Witches Tit and in tone stacks on several other tracks. 

      +   Brown Rabbit a custom XXX by XXX in XXX, Maine.


Special notes about Witch's Tit

Any of the throwback sounds and feels you hear on this track is intentional.  We tried our best to channel Deep Purple, Dio, Zeppelin, Sabbath…  We played some great sounding vintage gear while still maintaining our musical style to try and achieve that.


The Marshall JCM 800 & Vox AC30 is prominent. The extra Bass track was done through an Ampeg SVT amp, with a real Hammond CV through a real Leslie XXX speaker.  Drums are a big fat 24” Ludwig kick and a bigger, fatter Vintage Slingerland 14x10 Snare.


Tracking At Halo

For those bands and musicians out there with studio sessions in your future, we cannot recommend tracking at Halo enough.  It manages to be both totally professional and completely relaxed. The engineers at Halo are world class. Here's a short list of what they offer:

  • Complete mastery of the craft

  • Total proficiency with software and real instrument recording

  • Seamless integration of the above

  • Years and years of practical experience

  • Exceptional patience 

  • Facilitatation of creativity

  • Facilitation of recording at any pace you want

  • Lots of high-quality gear, all hooked up & ready for when creativity strikes

  • Great sounding rooms

  • Down to earth nice guys, very smart and with excellent ears


All of the above is offered at a much cheaper rate than any “big city” studio. On smoke breaks we peer out over a field of wildflowers instead of a back alley dumpster. Which, needless to say, is much more conducive to creativity. If you are in Maine, you should be tracking at Halo, period. 


Years active:



Adam Hauk
Ian Maddocks
Jason Loeb


Rock, Alternative


Maine, USA



Jonathan Wyman, Halo Studios

ADAM head shot

ADAM head shot

Jaon Loeb, Drums

Jaon Loeb, Drums

Ian Maddocks,

Ian Maddocks,

LeadFoot makes epic rock. We are willing and devoted servants to song & craft.


All songs are originally written and performed by LeadFoot. Adam Hauk- Lead Guitar & Back Vocals. Ian Maddocks- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Mellotron. Jason Loeb- Drums.


All LeadFoot songs are produced by LeadFoot with Jonathan Wyman, our Engineer & Mixer at Halo Studios in Westbrook, Maine. All songs are mastered By LeadFoot at Hawkrider Studios.


Special thanks are due to the constant love and support of our family and friends: Jonathan Wyman and Darren Elder at Halo studios. Mac Economy & Harvey Curtis at K2 Music in Camden, Maine. And a massive thank you to everyone who still holds Rock & Roll dear to their heart.


We are LeadFoot.  We endeavor to create the most Epic of Rock.  We sincerely hope that everyone who listens to our music receives even a fraction of the joy with which it was made.  If our music impacts you, we humbly and gratefully ask that you vigorously recommend it to everyone you believe will do the same.  Great things have come from sharing great music…


LeadFoot is a completely independent band.  All of our music and artwork has bee created in a pure vacuum of creativity.  The music industry has become decimated and the environment for fostering new talent has never been bleaker.  That’s bad for businessmen, but excellent for us and for you.  There is now nothing between us and you.  


Listen to our music.  See our art.  Help us bring about a new era of Epic Rock that we can call ours.


We need your actual support. Cutting out all the business helps us both.  We can create more with less, and you can listen more for less than ever before. We have made our music available for anyone to hear. Your actual purchases of tracks, artworks, or swag are literally all that will pay for more studio sessions.  


If our music hits you as hard as an incredible musician on a busy street, toss some coins into our virtual guitar case. Help us create quality music that speaks to your soul. We won’t let you down. This is the new age of truly democratized art, and only the worthy deserve your support and you vote with your coins.


We hope that everyone who becomes a fan of LeadFoot will take it upon themselves to grab some flag and wave it.  Recruit.  The continuation of Rock is at stake.


LeadFoot, LLC

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